Guess who is the best pageant girl: KENZIE

Eden retires?

Eden was the best pageant girl until she retired. Kenzie was the second best but now the best. I love Eden when I say this but I am glad than Kenzie is the best pageant girl according to the pageant world!


Kenzie is back from Florida! Yay!:

Back from vacation! Had an AMAZING time at the beach! Got 2 see dolphins,go sailing,play w/ the penguins,make sand angels & soo much more!

Aww she is soo cute I bet she loved it!

I cannot wait for MaKenzie and Juanas BIG suprise!! Here are her tweets:

1.) Super exciting things to do tomorow.. unable to discuss at the moment but hopefully will be able to tell soon!! YAAY This is my 100th Tweet!


Hope we find out soon!

Twitter updates

Basicly her twitter updates say that she just got back from pageant camp and she had so much fun. Now she is going to Florida to see family! Have fun Kenzie! Also she is getting feather ext.!!! She will look so cute :)